Saturday, March 14, 2009

just an update

so.. i lied i didnt do the lady gaga look yet..
i tried the look on friday and it didnt come out the way i wanted it to so i didnt take any pictures of it. so hopefully. ill try again on monday before i go to school thats if i wake up early =X haha.
well yesterday was FRIDAY the 13th!!! -__-
i decided to redo my bangs.. cutting it shorter so it would go back to the bangs i had before.. while cutting my bangs i cut my finger and it was bleeding a lot and then when my mom was helping me put on the bandage i fainted =X i faint easily.. when it comes to deep cuts.. & even looking at other's people's cuts! like this one time my boyfriend's dad accidently closed the hood of the car on his dumb and his nail was lifted.. well he told me to change his bandage for him as i was opening it i saw it and i felt the rush coming on.. and i knew i was going to faint so i stopped and told him "sorry i cant help u im about to faint.." and he starts laughing at me. cause he knew how i was =X hahaha. 
so any ways.. enough of that.. 
it's been 3 months since my bday and one of my friend that i haven't seen since forever.. gave me my birthday gift! she gave me three red cherry lashes and three still eye shadows :D (picture below)
yesterday i finally went and got myself a brush cleanser from sephora. i've been using my makeup wipe to clean my brushes =X haha and i also got nars's blush in orgasm :D i haven't tried it yet but i sure will be trying it out (picture below)
ohhhh and yesterday ..
i had a blast! my friday night was great :D
my friends, the boyfriend and i went clubbing last night. it was fun!! i was so drunk haven't got drunk for a while since my 21st birthday. oh man my 21st bday eff'd me up so bad!!!!! so i've been a little afraid of getting drunk again.. i'll just get buzz and thats it but yesterday.. i dont know what happened.. LOL. (hopefully ill post those pictures in my next post.. i didnt take pictures.. gotta get it from jessica)

nars' blush, sephora's brush shampoo

nars in oragasm

the gift that my friend got me :D
left to right: vieux carre, lily, fandango
#62, #747m, $412

dang it.. i don't know what happened again.. it's always sideways
it's fine when i load it but then it goes sideways when it's done loading -__- sorrry!!!!!

this is my neighbor, matthew, he's always at my house

thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog :D


  1. i kno this may sound strande but i always wished that i would faint lol maybe it comes from a love of old dramatic movies where the leading lady always faints!can't wait to see the lady gaga look

  2. That's such a cute picture ^_^!
    And I really should get more Stila, those duos are gorgeous...But if I do get something, it'll probably be the Pearl Palette :).

  3. what a cute kid!!! LOL @ "he's always at my house" thats something like Dennis the Menace! cute stuff & nice eye makeup!

  4. nice post! yay u got the NARS!! i love how they name their blushes.. i got deep throat hahah i wore it on friday.. omg so u got fucked up tooo? damnnnn well we gotta talk on aim about this n ill send u pix on aim k <33 it was nice seein you!!! im glad u had lots of fun!! until next time!!! aww look at ur neihbor! hes the one wit the HK watch rite:? hahaha

  5. goody goody goodies!!! love the eye makeup!!

    and ur neighbor is adorable

  6. Ooh NARS Orgasm is one of my fave blushes! Hope you like it too!

  7. I love red cherry falsies!!

    they're so light weight u know? n feel natural somewhat.

    usually when blogger EFffs up w/ the sideways pix, i just close the window and open up a new post and it usually fixes the problem..