Monday, March 9, 2009

everything in one post!! ;b

yeahh i know.. why havent i updated my blog? sorry!! i've been so lazy! well here i am girls! hhahaha :D

i didn't do much.. just school and shopping for my two friend's birthday and went clubbing for one of my friend's birthday and had dim sum for the friend :D

did my own nails. china glaze in for audrey with black lines and glitter lines

went to lush to get my friend a gift card but ended up getting myself some stuff! hahah =X
my mom accidently dropped my face cleanser (herbalism) so i need to go back and get a new one =\ 

some stuff i got from cvs

&&& here are the pictures from the party on saturday :D enjoy!!

the party bus we took to the club (v2o)

in the party bus.. partying it up!! hahaha :] on the way to the club

i'm planning to enter the "Lady Gaga" contest so hopefully i'll be doing it tomorrow and then post it up tomorrow :D hopefully i dont get lazy & stuff =\ 


  1. whistles* u n ur friends look good! i love ur dress the most!!

    Part Bus!!! that's what up!! hehehee

    cute nails hun!!

  2. OMG NICKY!!!!!!!!! i never seen you in those kinda cloths before.. you look absolutely stunning!!!!!!! HOTNESS!!!!! that party bus looks a whole lot of fun!!! i think some ppl i knew was at v2o on saturday tooo.. did u have fun? i love ur OUTFIT! and u need to do my nails.. i like it! haha

  3. Daaammmnnn I wanna party with you girls! Take me with you!! Hahah that party bus looks like some crazy shit right there, and you girls look fabulous!

  4. love the nails! and look at u guys sexay mamas! ^_^

  5. wow ur nails are so pretty!
    and looks like so much fun!!

  6. those nails are gorgeous and i love the baby blue hue too :)


  7. Hey there! I found your blog through Jes's blog hehe. Just thought I'd say hi!

    Ooh I want to try those LUSH products! I'm currently on a "beauty diet" where I can't buy any beauty products for a while... but once I'm done, I think I'm going straight to LUSH! Haha.

    That party bus looks like fun!

  8. oooh brazened honey sounds delicious! i really like your shoes in the party pics and your dress. its so cute.