Tuesday, March 17, 2009

st. patrick's day!!


so today i was suppose to go make an appointment with the counselor at school. by the time i got ready and helped my friend get ready and had to drop off her car to my boyfriend's (her brother's) shop it was a little too late so i'll just go tomorrow and i couldn't do my gaga look!! ahh! ><>
so anyways.. i did a st.patrick eye look.. only because i didnt feel like wearing green. after i did what i did i went to the mall to return my nike shoes. returned my bareminerals at sephora and also looked at some makeup! and got a tint moisturizer =X lol i shouldn't be shopping but ehhh i wanted some kind of foundation type of thing and the sales girl told me to try the tint moisturizer... oHhh and funny thing i use to work with her at bbw. we both remembered each other but we never really wanted to say hi to each other when we saw each other because we both thought that it might be weird if we forgot each other or something. LOL it was funny. but yeahh i'll post some pictures of what i got and some samples she gave me and some samples i got from my reward card. enjoy the pictures ladies!!! thanks for the comments and reading my blogs!! thank you so much!! i'm really enjoying this whole blog thing!! and once again... 

have a great and safe st. patty's day!!!!

my st.patty's day look

the hair style i did for victoria

me waiting for victoria to come out :D

stuff i got from sephora
Left to right: makeup forever H10 concealer(sample), makeup forever #6 primer(sample)
hourglass solar tan(sample), ren glycolactic skin renewal peel mask(sample)
&&& the laura mercier tinted moisturizer

i brought the laura mercier tinted moisturizer spf20 in nude
swatch of the laura mercier
i'll sure try this foundation and take some pictures and do a blog on it :D

that's it folks! come back soon ya'll hear!! ;D hahaha see you guys next time! 
&&& once again HAPPY ST.PATTY'S DAY!!!


  1. your eyes look so cute with those lashes!

  2. I like it.
    I have that too but make sure you evenly buff it out. [MAC 187] I used MAC Skinfinish over it too.

  3. was wondering about that foundation. i'm curious how it does on your skin.

  4. looks like ppl is curious about that foundation.. so u kno wut that means.. REVIEW!!!!!!! lol but yeah no problem.. its ok =) a lot of pix rite? hahah ur st patricks look is cute too.. omg we need to get together to play wit makeup.. seriously! and i realy like how u did vickys hair!!!!! howd u do that? ur nackybeauty alright! haha 99 xoxo

  5. oh btw.. thats a lot of goodies u got in that bag... haha those sunglasses look cute on you too! you're sooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i love your lashes! great look!

  7. Hahaha ohh you got the TFSI now? since ur in n out of the house a lot like skooling.. wen u do ur e/s u should put UDPP one eye and TFSI on the other.. by the end of the day... see which one works for u.. BEFORE n AFTER PIX! dont forget that too hahah

    hopefully we can go vegas! im realyyy lookin forward to that.. esp cuz me n u can dress up n party.. thats the best part!! haha maybe in 2 paychecks my bf said..

    u should thank me for introducin u to these makeup AH HEM how about some MONEY! hahahahha jk!! but at least u have money to shop.. so enjoy it =) i have nothing.. but once i do ima go all outttt.. hehe talk to ya soon nacky! xoxo

  8. I just noticed your reply that means I'm several days behind.

    You don't have to always get them "MAC" brushes, there's tons of dupes out there that may even work way better then the ones from MAC.

    Totally write a review on how you like/dislike the foundation, I wanna know and I'm almost out of it too ..and I'm not sure if I should grab another bottle or til I'm dark enough for "sand" instead of "nude". -___- kk, cute fotd btw.

  9. Hi!
    Oh man, isnt that a great brow pencil?!?!?! I've tried many different types and forms and that has been the best freakin one!

    I just paid $10 for a 2-pack. Desperate! lol