Saturday, February 28, 2009

what i have...

hello bloggers!!!! :D i decided to take some pictures of my make up stuff that i have.. i don't have much but this is what i have for now and surely i will be getting more make up soon :D

eyeshadows and shadowstick and shadow primer
88 palette eyeshadow.. regular.. sparkles.. and brown set

where i keep my make up stuff

what i keep in my make up bag 

thats all the stuff that i have.. but i sure will be getting more stuff as time pass :D


eotd! i dont know what happened.. but these pictures uploaded sideways & i don't know how to fix it.. =\ sorrry!!!

what i used:
88 palette eyeshadow - dark green & light green
mac shadow stick - beige-ing for the inner corner
liquid eye liner - cover girl (sorry don't remember the name of it)
lashes - andrea #21

i didn't like the way i did my friend's eyes.. but the things i used was..
88 palette - red and light pink and white
liquid eye liner - cover girl


  1. beautiful. look the green look

  2. Aw I love the green look as well. Very nice blending and smoked out look.

  3. for some reason i think your makeup collection is soo cute! maybe cuz its not much.. its cute! hahah but i know its slowly gonna build up.. u mite have to knock off thompsons games just to make room! haha you already have makeup skills!! i like the green look.. you'll get better for sure<3 so how bout lets go to the block next week n go drinkin somewhere nearby! haha ask thompson.. lets get our bfs ass drunk! ill be the desginated driver LOL

  4. Red eyelash curler, pretty :D!
    What's the name of the MAC red shadow in the top pic :o?
    (As you can see, I <3 red.)

  5. hey thanks for following me!
    you're so cute!
    nice collection & fotds!

  6. hey love burts bees! and your blog. check me out when you can.

  7. UGH! I want those 88 palettes so bad!! You can rotate those photos on Its pretty easy and then just save it.

  8. heard u were semi-new to blogging..I shall be following lol


  9. great collection! I love the pink look!!
    aww..thanks for the comment. I'm still having trouble controlling my eyebrows.

  10. I love ur makeup collection especially the palettes lovely looks :D

  11. I LOVE the green look you did! I mite try it tomrrow =D

    Everytime I do some green look i think it looks ugly =(