Monday, February 23, 2009

a sunday with the boyfriend

i did purple with a little bit of black for my eyeshadow using the 88 palette from
i'm trying to learn how to do smoky eye shadow. so yeahh this is what i got :b

this is the first time i've tried white in the inner corner of my eye. so i only put a tiny bit of it.. because i was scared it would look weird but it turned out okay :D

my boyfriend & i went to visit his parents and our dog pepper. we can't keep pepper at my house because i already have two other dogs. 

i want the mac hello kitty collection.. probably gonna get it this coming up weekend or something :D thank you for reading my blog. it's not much but thank you! hopefully it will get better as i get use to doing these blogs.


  1. the white e/s on the inner lids is nice! it doesnt look weird... it goes well together! <33 love it. i wanna see a blue look.. green & all the other colors!! lol

  2. I love this look! Sent here by FuN and Makeup

  3. Oooh..thats really pretty. And Pepper is so cute!

  4. the loko is great on you. purple really compliments your skin tone :)hmm you don't have open id, but my site is if you ever want to check it out thx.

  5. The purple looks really pretty and natural. You definitely have makeup skills... keep those posts goin! :)

    oh, and cute puppy you have there! :)

  6. it's cute i like it.

    i have a facebook friend that tends to have white on here eyes and corners of her nose??

  7. did u notice a weird smell w/ the yellow mascara?