Friday, June 19, 2009

it's all about DSK!!!!

LOOK what came in my mail!!!!
soo.. about two weeks ago ... 
my DSK necklaces came!!! & i love it!!!
but theres one thing about one of the necklace!! = *( the chain is too short for my fat neck! >\
but i love it! it's so pretty!! my boyfriend was making fun of me when i wore it on for him to see.. 
he was like "looks like a neck choker.. wasn't that style from a long time ago?" -___- so sad! ahahaha.
but yeahh hopefully ill lose weight and then ill get to wear it out! :]
the other one fit perfect!! and i love it!! i got a few compliments wearing it :D
thanks stephanie!!! i love it!!! 

thanks for the candies (my little neighbor ate most of it) & 
thanks for the mask! i havent tried it yet (due to finals and all) but i sure will soon!

black heart with black pegasus &&& jonquil flower

at the moment.. i can only fit the black heart w/the black pegasus!!

i didnt take a picture with the jonquil flower because i didnt want u guys to laugh at me =X haha.. i will once it fits on me xb

so since i got my DSK necklace i'd decided to do her GRAND GIVEAWAY shes hosting at the moment!!
everyone should own at least one  DSK jewelry!! they're fabulous ;D
you could wear it dressed up or just casual. and if u get a necklace with two pendants  u could switch them off.. by wearing one of them or both of them.
&&& then do her GRAND GIVEAWAY!!! :b

on her GRAND GIVEAWAY.. she wants ..
15 questions to be answered
a mp3 (all time favorite) emailed to her
a photo sporting her BLINGGGG doing the PEACE sign
must advertise her GRAND GIVEAWAY on your blog
&&& of course you must be her follower!

so here is my 15 giveaway questions that she wants answers to...

1. What is your favorite food?
-goi cuon!!! :D 

2. What is your favorite beauty product that you can't live without!!?
-mac brow shader in walnut.. i can't go out of the house without doing my eyebrows.. it'll look like i have no brows at all.. since i use to over pluck them but they're slowly growing back :D

3. What is the song that defines you, what is your favorite song of all time that could be the soundtrack to your life?? Will you be willing to email me this song (mp3)? :)
- hmm this is a hard one.. but i think i will have to go with Musiq Soulchild - Don't Change

4. What is your favorite magazine of allllll time?!
- elle! i love it more when they have the magazine extra thick! :b haha

5. What is camera you use to take all your pictures for blog? ^_~
- canon powershot SD870is. 

6. What is your favorite color??!
- red!! ;D

7. What is your favorite piece by DSK (post a picture (on your blog) sporting DSK Bling if you have some!)?!!! ^^
- i would have to say the black heart with the black pegasus 

8. What is your favorite casino game!!?
- blackjack..

9. If you had to pick just one, would it be Gucci, LV, or Prada?
- i would pick LV.. only because they have a set style.. even if u have one of their old style purse.. it'll always be in style.. unless you get one of their special edition ones or something.

10. Tell me an interesting fact about yourself. =P
- i have the same birthday as my boyfriend's same month.. same day.. same year.. we're only 4 mins apart!!! 

11. Workout tips!! Your favorite work out tips, I gotta get fit!!
- DANCING!! even if im not very good at it.. =X but u could get one of those hiphop workout tapes and follow along.. they really work!!! my sister got fit by one of those.. i've tried it and it works but im just so lazy =X hahaha this is one of them that we used.. Turbo Jam

12. Tell me your workout routine if it exists! LOL
- it doesn't exist... hahah =X but when i try to make it exist.. i would just tell myself to walk at the park for an hour or go on my treadmill for 30mins. and then go out somewhere and walk around... hiking.. to the mall.. just somewhere so i wont be at home eating and laying down on my bed :D

13. If you had to pic between an LV Damier Azur Speedy in 25, 30, and 35, which would you pick and why?
- the 30 because it's not too small and it's not too big. && i think it doesnt look so awkward.. like for the big one it's nice but i think it doesnt look proportion with the handle and the bag.. other than that.. the real reason i would pick the 30 is because i ONCE had the 30 but in damier canvas but it got stolen = *( i miss my bag && i want it back!!!

14. What would you name your future baby boy?
- Jayden

15. What would you name your future baby girl? LOL, I am so weird >.<

- kaitlyn

and then here is pictures of me sporting a DSK necklace with the peace sign ;D

thanks stephanie for hosting the GRAND GIVEAWAY!!! 
&&& once again thanks for your hard work on the necklace . i love  how it turned out!! :D


  1. wow i love the necklace you ordered! very different! =D goodluck on the dsk grand giveaway!

  2. hahaha so cute.. interesting facts.. wow 4 mins apart? crazy!! long lost twins ehy... eww thats nasty hahahah j the necklace is sooo nice! u r sooo funny.. u cant switch the chain to somethin else? like buy a bigger one? haha !! cool post n i like ur eye makeup!! i wanna see the eye portion tooooo