Friday, June 5, 2009

seacret review... &&.. baby album

have u guys seen those little stands at the mall? 
where they go up to u and ask if u want to try their products and such..?
well thats what happened to my friend and i.
this sales lady asked to see my friend's nails and she starts to buff it and file it and all that..
then she starts to show us this face mask.
well my friend and i got sucked in and we both got a jar of it.
it's called SEACRET from the dead sea.
it has natura ingredients.. from what we were told.
i actually really like it. i got my bf to do it also and he really likes it.
it makes me face feel really smooth.
i had it for a month now i believe.. and i've used it twice and today is my third time
i'm suppose to do it once a week but i always forget =X

here are some pictures..

it is a facial mud mask

with the mask on
(my bf is knocked out.. he looks like he's naked =X lol)

after i rubbed it off. 
the lady told us to rub it off and whatever can't be rubbed off..
wash it with water

&&& there u go... after i finish washing everything off
nice and smooth ;b

i would purchase this product again.
for a jar of mud mask (3.4oz) was $60
i think u can get it at anymall? not sure. but theres a site u can go on. i never been on the site before =X

pros - makes my face smooth after using. natural ingredients. it feels realizing if u add some cucumbers to ur eyes :] it doesnt really have a funky smell.
cons - its a little messy when u rub it off. i rub it off over a trashcan because my friend did it over the sink and it kind of clogged her sink/drain thing. the lady says the jar will last us a year but i think it will only last 6 months at most. && right after using u must recap it or the mud will all dry up and u're going to have to toss it. 

heres a picture of my bf using it :b

he wanted cucumbers on his eyes :D

i made a baby album for my boyfriend's new baby cousin. 
she arrived on May 26, 2009 at 3:15am
well i made a baby album for my boyfriend's aunt & the baby for the one month birthday thing. and i'm going to make her a baby blanket too but i haven't got to it yet. so heres a few pictures of the album. :]

they named her Faith

i made it where it's like a pillow. i stuffed it with cotton
it's super soft. but it's not meant for her to sleep on it. :b haha

and thats baby Faith.
and this is how the inside looks.
it's not complete.. i need to type up her information to put above her picture :D

thanks for stopping by my blog :]
i'll try my best to update my blog more since summer vacation is coming up :D YAYYY!


  1. hey girl! sorry for all the confusion! but those are giveaways for 2 beauty bloggers!

    and btw, that album cover is so cuutee! your so creative!

  2. Hahaha you r soo funny! but nice review!! what is this suppose to do tho? clean & clear ur face? looks fun.. even thompson did it too HAHaahha thompson is like sleeping in the back... my bf would have gotten mad if i posted up those kinda pix (if he was topless too) funny tho LOL! awww the album is a good idea! thanks for the idea.. i usually make albums but not wit the material thingy... cool! btw. of course its not you =) no worries.. why would it be you.. yea its that skank! hahaha sshhh its soo obvious tho ya know..

  3. LOL!! i love those pics of you and your bf with the mask on! the ones with your bf sleeping in the background were funny!

  4. lol ur funny...ur bf was hella sleeping at the back! and he also tried the mask...damn i can never get my bf to try anything girly lol!
    nice review! and im <3 ur blog so im following:)

  5. OMG! How cute! You and your boyfriend are trying the mask on~ You guys had been together for so long. Wooooow! (Saw it in the other entry) That's so cool how both of you have the same birthday.

    And you're so creative to design a album like that ;)